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We strive for quality! Our work is second to none, or so our customers tell us.

Integrity, unsurpassed service and a stellar reputation. Not only is my car taken care of, Karl takes the time to explain the details to me. I trust him!
Cheryl S.
Bloomfield Hills
The skills of Karl-Heinz were brought to my attention 4 years ago by a fellow German car enthusiast. A Mercedes aficionado, Karl is the only person whom I trust to look after my 2001 SL600 and maintain it in "as new" condition. That vehicle probably performs better now than when I acquired it 10 years ago. What Karl doesn't know about Mercedes, and about BMW's apparently is not worth knowing. Nothing happens to my car without Karl's Blessing.
Don W.
I highly recommend his services for anyone who's looking for an alternative to the dealer. He is very thorough, and like most Germans expects that you follow the correct maintenance scheduled. I'm very happy to have found this shop and plan to go here for years.
Justin T.
Royal Oak

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